True to Nature.

We are keenly aware of the environmental impacts of making products. That’s why, at Arloe, we are finding new ways of doing things to reduce our footprint, promote sustainability, and protect the planet’s future.

EVO® is the way to go.

Arloe swimwear is crafted from a 100% bio-based thread called EVO®. Bio-based thread is proven to be high quality and have less impact on the environment than pure synthetic production.

EVO® is innovative and sustainable. Here’s why.

  • Extracted from castor seed oil, so it’s totally renewable.
  • Doesn’t take away from the human or animal food chain.
  • Lower global warming potential.
  • Makes high performing, ultra-light, long-lasting garments.

It Matters Where Things Are Made

Every single product and accessory at Arloe is handcrafted in Italy. Literally everything, from our swimsuits right down to the recycled labels.

There’s a reason we keep our entire production process in Italy. Three reasons, actually.

Our products are made ethically, high quality is guaranteed, and our shipping footprint is reduced.

Less Waste More Creativity

We’re reimagining how delicate fabrics and materials can be used and repurposed.

Our pieces are carefully cut and trimmed to minimize fabric waste. 

Every swimsuit comes in a custom pouch made from upcycled textiles we’ve collected over the years. For example, we’ve transformed old curtains into stylish, one-of-a-kind bags.

Clothing labels are made using recycled polyester yarn and the hang tag on each item comes from recycled paper.

It Takes A Village

We’re doing what we can but we can’t do it alone.

We’ve made it a priority to build and support communities that love the Earth (and swimsuits) as much as we do.

Share your ideas for living sustainably. Tell us about a deserving charity.

Let’s make a difference together.

Always here to help.
This is Arloe.