Eco-Garment Care

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Arloe swimsuits are built for lively days at the beach but aren’t meant to mingle with the rest of the laundry.

Unlike tan lines that fade, our swimsuits are meant to last — with the proper care and love.

  • 100% bio-based thread
  • Ultralight at a 25% reduced weight compared to a 100% polyester product
  • Air dries at a 50% faster rate than other swimwear materials
  • Odor control due to fibers bacteriostatic capacity
  • Since the textile is bio-based, the dye will never be as saturated compared with synthetic fibers

Handle With Care

Your swimsuit is not like any other. Be kind.

Cool For Your Suit ✔ Hand wash after each use
✔ Use gentle soap or detergent
✔ Cold, fresh water only
✔ Drip dry in the shade
Not Cool For Your Suit ✘ Hard chemicals
✘ High wash temperatures
✘ Ironing or dryers
✘ Contact with rough surfaces
✘ Too much chlorine or sunscreen

There's Only One You and One Earth

If you’re reading this, you have made a conscious choice to explore a more sustainable way of living and shopping.

Whether you’re just browsing or already buying products that cause less harm to the environment, we say congratulations and thank you!

Together, we can make a difference for the planet - choice by choice. Because real change doesn’t happen by chance.

Share your sustainable ideas and stories with us.

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