The Selva Collection

SELVA [sel·vuh] a tract of land covered by dense equatorial forest, especially in the Amazon basin.

'Inspired by a restless force, always transforming. The relentless cycle of abundance and destruction. A palm stands tall. Two branches hang off its shoulders. Parts of this living palm are also dying. Always pushing. I hear the beat and breath of the leaves. The sand humble as the jungle eats and births itself time and time again'.

En.Widmer's first collection focuses on three key themes: ‘Brush in the Rainforest’, ‘Body imaging’ and ‘Versatility’. Brushes inspire this collection's colour scheme derived from the Amazons restless force; always transforming. The relentless cycle of abundance and destruction, the forest is always vibrating in wet reds and greens from the jungle with flesh accents.

The Body imaging aspect is evocative by pushing female comfort zones and playing with riskier cuts. The clean Swiss design and pristine fabrication allow for Versatility of the swimwear so our woman can carry the pieces in multiple contexts. It is our call for slow-fashion, multi-use and circular-use.

Our brand focuses on lakeside appeal with the wilder aspects of nature featuring heavily in our story.