The Crunch Collection

CRUNCH [kruh'nch] a loud grinding sound like that of something hard being crushed.

En.Widmer’s second collection focuses on the crunch detail for audacity and frill. The crunch is expressed in the cinching detail that ‘consumes’ the elastic seams in our second collection.

Our colour scheme features a unique multi-coloured print, which was created with oil-based pastels at the lakeside close to Enge, Zürich. It captures the colourful silhouettes of people standing ankle-deep by the pebbled shore, stretching their backs as they bake in the European sun.

Sand is our collection colour of beach envie [ENWI] from a country that is never too far from a lake. Black and White are classic staples that we hail this season. 

The ENWI woman is not shy about lake water. Inspired, by Zürich's distinctive ‘Badi culture’ aka lake culture, during the day of follies in the summer, I would bike like many others to the closest deck. I would enter along the narrow boardwalks, feeling very at ease and relaxed, and enjoyed this natural comfort. I would spank the elastic of my crunched suit with my index fingers and sense this slight sting along my skin before diving into the fresh green. 

Krunch is a snap shot moment in a Swiss summer.